PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations are powerful tools for marketing presentations, sales pitches and for simply addressing a goal to your target audience. Sure, you can do it yourself, but hiring a professional presentation designer can drive the effectiveness of the presentation and the efficiency of the preparation process.

If you own a technology startup, there are many moving pieces you have to consider to succeed. No designer excels at all aspects of design. You would hire a logo specialist for a logo, a website expert for a new landing page, and a video wizard for your latest video advertisement.

70% of professionals surveyed believe delivering captivating presentations is an essential skill. The truth is, poorly designed presentations happen every day and cost businesses like yours significant opportunities and negatively impact your bottom line.

But an excellent presentation can help you win a pitch, boost your career, or capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Keep reading to find out what a presentation designer does and three benefits of hiring an experienced professional presentation designer.

What Does a Presentation Designer Do?

Making a presentation can be time-consuming and stressful, especially when you’re focused on other aspects of your business.

An experienced presentation designer will help you design your presentation efficiently to match your brand’s message.

Presentation designers evaluate the length and style of the presentation, choose fonts, graphics and other visual elements for the slides and work with customers to ensure that the message is effectively presented.

Another responsibility of a presentation designer is to maintain consistent branding and simultaneously create effective, dynamic and well-thought-out internal and external presentations that are readable for multiple formats, such as, computers, mobile devices and tablets.

The truth is we are all visual learners. We are programmed to react to images, and our brains naturally pay attention to visual images. It’s why eye-catching ads still work.

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A professional presentation designer should be able to help with content and strategy, not only design.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Presentation Designer

Hiring a Presentation Designer will help you save time and money to achieve new business goals and allow you to tell your target audience your story, whether to secure funding for a start-up or to present your skills and services to new customers.

01. Maximize Your Money and Time

Mood boards or storyboards are a few of the tasks that take so much of your time. Why? Because it’s not easy to design compelling slides that convey your message.

Why spend hours figuring out how to evoke the right reaction and emotion from a PowerPoint presentation when you can hire a professional designer to do it for you?

Every presenter needs to write, prepare the script, and then create compelling visuals that align with the message. Those hours add up quickly.

High-end presentation designers know how to efficiently create attractive slide decks because they understand the software’s flaws and the ins and outs of presentation design.

Presentation designers get the job for you done quickly, so you can spend more time preparing ideas and practicing your presentation! Optimizing the way you spend your time and money will enable you to focus on and invest in what matters – scaling your business.

02. Accomplish Specific Objectives

Your presentation has an objective and a mission to accomplish. Impressive design helps you communicate your ideas clearly and effectively, helping you get a buy-in.

Your ability to accomplish a specific objective depends on a variety of considerations. Your business may need to capture the hearts and minds of your audience for more funding, so you may have to convince someone to:

  • Invest in your prototype
  • Work with your startup
  • Boost your career (i.e. more benefits, another raise, etc.)

A presentation designer can help you drive this type of effectiveness with these 3 key factors:

  • Visual Aids: A polished PowerPoint presentation can help win a pitch
  • Script: Know exactly how much time you have for your presentation and rehearse it
  • Audience Engagement: Help maximize your impact on your target audience with a well-designed presentation
03. Leverage the Power of Storytelling

There are great storytellers and presenters inside everyone.

According to Leader as Storyteller: 10 Reasons It Makes a Better Business Connection, great storytelling is compelling for all learners, whether they are visual, hands-on, or auditory. This makes it easier to keep audience engagement up, which can lead to closing on a huge deal.

Your presentation is an advertisement for your brand. Every detail of each image you choose should evoke the emotions you want your target audience to feel.

Think of how many monotone, repetitive, bullet-pointed presentations you’ve had to struggle through in your life. You don’t want to put your audience in that position.

A professionally designed slide deck can help your brand tell its story in a way that engages and interests your target audience.

Presentations, like all touch points, should we seen as an extension of your brand—an opportunity to engage with your audience.

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Let’s Elevate Your Story

Presentation designers focus on creating effective presentations with their extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of design and marketing.

Ultimately, without a designer’s input, it’s easy to lose focus on what’s truly essential to the core message of your presentation. When that happens, you leave opportunities and dollars on the table.

A professional presentation design team can help provide fresh ideas and a new perspective.

Ready to take your presentation to the next level? With proper storytelling and presentation design, we tell stories that incite action in compelling and beautiful ways.

Contact me today to learn more.

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