How Can I Handle Unexpected Questions During A Presentation?

Even the most meticulously crafted presentation can be thrown off track by an unexpected question. But fear not!

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sfBIG: A Non-Profit Website Re-Design & Branding Case Study

After successfully rebranding several non-profits, I was honored to be asked to do branding and website redesign for…

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What Are Some Common Questions I Should Prepare For In My Presentation’s Q&A Session?

Effective Q&A sessions are the hallmark of impactful presentations. They transform a one-way delivery into a dynamic…

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Lessons From The Worst Rebrands in History

What were the worst rebrands in history? Let’s look at 7 lessons in bad redesigns, from Coke to Twitter to The GAP,…

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How can I make my presentation design more engaging?

To enhance engagement in presentation design, the key lies in visual appeal and interactivity. Audiences today expect…

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Revitalized Icons: 5 Of The Best Rebrand Examples

Dive into 5 of the best rebrand examples ever, with examples of rebranding strategies they used to drive growth and…

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Brand Identity: How to Evolve It Without Losing It?

Once you’ve established a strong brand identity it can be hard to evolve it without fear of going too far. Follow 10…

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10 Design Trends in 2024

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the market is shifting. Most are probably talking about stocks or home prices, but the…

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Using Neuroscience to Influence Design

Scientists have found how to use design to attract and influence your audience. Learn 9 ways I use neuroscience to…

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5 Questions Your Homepage Design Should Answer (B2B and B2C)

There are five questions your homepage must answer, and they stand between a good design and a homepage that converts.

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