6 Tips to Avoid Cliches in Graphic Design

It’s possible to get noticed and remain true to your brand in the noisy world of digital marketing, but standing out of…

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Science Says: Visual Persuasion Is Paramount

Visual persuasion is the most important component of modern marketing. The reason is simple and scientific: our brains…

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10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Kick-Ass Branding

Probably every adult living on the planet Earth can name the company behind some of the most recognizable brands.…

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Launching Pathwater in China

‘Launching Pathwater™ in China’ was the final project for my International Marketing class at Harvard Extension School,…

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10 Tips for a Powerful Presentation

While presenting, never forget to whom you are speaking. Know how to master your language, story, and emotions to…

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The Power of Storytelling: 4 Strategies to Improve Presentations

Learn all about the power of storytelling and how to leverage storytelling to deliver more effective presentations.

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Three Benefits of Hiring a Presentation Designer for Your Next Project

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations are powerful tools for marketing presentations, sales pitches and for simply…

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