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A few wordsabout me

I’m a San Francisco-based marketer and presentation designer. Former Director of Strategy and current Marketing Consultant for several tech startups in Silicon Valley.

I’ve been in the trenches, making presentations, websites, apps, and pretty much anything visual for more than 15 years. I know how to make the story, the strategy, and the design come together in a way that is both functional and beautiful.

01. Award-winning presentation design

I create persuasive, engaging, and on-brand presentations that instill confidence and inspire action from your audience.

02. If it's visual & tells a story, I'm into it

I’m here to help you tell your story. I work to deeply understand your business, your audience, and what goals you’d like to achieve.

03. High-quality creative solutions

From improving an existing design deck to creating a brand-new template, I’ll build a tailored design for your presentation.

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Presentation Designs

A good idea is a start. But it’s not enough if you can’t sell it.

I help entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes sell ideas. Through the power of visual storytelling, I create eye-catching, engaging presentations that elevate your business and help you reach your goals.

From the Blog

My publications and articles about marketing, design, storytelling and more. A digression in my design workflow & methodologies.

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