Hi there

My name is

Borja Zamora

I’ve helped Silicon Valley companies tell their stories to clients and raise millions of dollars from VC funds and private investors.

I’ve helped companies of all sizes tighten up their marketing strategies and helped build eye-catching investor decks, company pitches, sales and marketing presentations, branded identity templates, and more.

I’ve designed decks for solopreneurs, startups, and NASDAQ-listed companies. Banks, boards, employees… you name it. Me and my teams have helped raise, win, or earn hundreds of millions of dollars as a result.

My mission is to stamp out bad presentations whenever and wherever I find them. Contact me to join my quest.

My journey

From Barcelona to San Francisco


2017 • 2021 – Harvard University
2007 • 2008 – UC Berkeley
2002 • 2003 – ESADE Business School
1998 • 2002 – Pompeu Fabra University

Work Experience

2015 • 2019 – Aki Technologies
2013 • 2015 – Opera Mediaworks
2012 • 2013 – Mobile Theory
2005 • 2007 – PricewaterhouseCoopers
2003 • 2005 – BDO

Do you want to meet in person?

I work in San Francisco, CA

Benefits of

Working with me

01. Be Efficient

As an individual freelancer I provide my clients with a level of flexibility and efficiency an agency simply cannot offer. No junior designers, no turnovers, no outsourcing to remote time zones.

02. Be Convincing

I know how to tell a story that makes people say yes, and I know how to design to make a difference. Simply put, I know how to make it work in the real world.

03. Be Consistent

Forget about simply copying text onto a slide. Instead, let me help you align your sales team around a coherent strategic narrative.

04. Be Memorable

Audiences absorb 90% of information through visual perception. I keep track of the latest design trends so you always get through to your audience.

05. Be Quick

I have experience with Go-to-Market strategies, strategic narratives, product launches, sales decks, investor pitches, and data visualization, letting me hit the ground running every time.

06. Be Holistic

I design decks for sales, strategy, investors/VCs, product, corporate, business/quarterly reviews, trainings, marketing, financials, business plans, events and off-sites, case studies, and more.

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