Elevate your message with stunning visuals,

impactful storytelling, and data-driven design.

At Zamora Design, your ideas take center stage. I believe in the transformative power of storytelling and design, crafting presentations that not only inform but inspire. My mission is to elevate your message, turning it into a visual journey that leaves a lasting impact.

Services Overview

  • Pitch deck design
  • Sales presentation design
  • Conference presentation design
  • Data visualization
  • Infographic creation
  • Presentation template creation
  • Brand storytelling for presentations
  • Content curation
  • Training and consulting

The streamlined presentation design process

From introduction to delivery

This guide outlines a streamlined yet effective presentation design process, ensuring a successful collaboration between you and Zamora Design. Here’s a breakdown of each step:

We’ll establish an initial contact so I can understand your needs and goals for the presentation. We’ll discuss the scope of work and I’ll answer any questions you might have about the design process.

Some questions I’ll ask:

  • How did you find me?
  • What do I need to know about your company?
  • What’s your approximate timeline, if any?

Based on the initial conversation, I’ll create a clear and concise proposal outlining the specific services to provide (e.g., slide redesign, visual enhancements, messaging refinement).

Some things I’ll always include:

  • Outlined Project Scope
  • Projected Timeline
  • Estimated Costs

Once the proposal is approved, I’ll send a formal contract outlining the terms of service, payment schedule, and revision policy. Upon your signature and receipt of a deposit, I’ll be ready to dive into the design phase.

Some things I’ll need:

  • E-Signed Contract
  • Detailed Scope of Work
  • Initial Deposit

I’ll schedule a call to delve deeper into the presentation content and desired visuals. We’ll discuss branding elements, color preferences, and any existing materials I need to integrate into the design. Gather all necessary information to kickstart the creative process.

Some questions I’ll ask:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the key takeaways you want your audience to remember?
  • Do you have any existing style guides?

I’ll develop a cohesive slide master template that establishes the overall visual style and layout for the presentation. I’ll also design all individual slides with a clear hierarchy of information, impactful visuals when possible, and concise text. A clean and professional aesthetic will be prioritized.

Some questions I’ll try to answer:

  • What does your business really do?
  • Why are you in this business?
  • How are you helping your customers?

I’ll present a first draft of the complete presentation, and encourage feedback on overall clarity, visual alignment with the brand, and flow of information. I’ll address any revisions to ensure your satisfaction.

Some questions I’ll ask:

  • Does the design convey the mood or feeling you want?
  • Does the information flow naturally and in a way you feel comfortable presenting?
  • Are the key takeaways clear?

I’ll incorporate your feedback from the review round and finalize the presentation, ensuring all visuals are high-resolution, and the format is compatible with the presentation platform you use. Delivery of the final presentation files and post-delivery support/training if needed.

Why choose me

Ready to elevate your presentation design?

Captivate your audience with impactful presentations that showcase the value proposition of your product or service. Leave a lasting impression and secure that coveted deal with a presentation that truly shines.

Establish your brand as a leader in your industry with polished and sophisticated presentations. Captivate your audience with a well-crafted presentation that inspires confidence in your brand.

Craft presentations that stick in the minds of your audience long after the final slide. Fuel audience interest with compelling narratives and visuals that leave them eager to learn more.

Captivate your audience with impactful presentations that showcase the value proposition of your product or service. Leave a lasting impression and secure that coveted deal with a presentation that truly shines.

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