Crypto App Pitch Deck

Wardiere is a digital currency exchange that allows traders to buy and sell around 30 cryptocurrencies. It operates as a hosted Bitcoin wallet, much like Coinbase, but is much easier, quicker, and cheaper to use.


Larana Inc.

Larana Inc.

Larana Inc.

The Project

The client needed a pitch deck they’d be able to present to clients and investors. To overcome this dual-audience challenge, we decided to boil down the deck to its most essential slides, focusing on a compelling story supported by high-level data.

The flow is natural, starting with an Executive Summary to reinforce the message right off the bat, and following a problem > solution > business model > proof of concept course. To respect contractual agreements, company names, logos, figures, and copy have been altered.

Color palette

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Use any form of payment that the seller accepts. Buy crypto with digital payments, gift cards, or even checks.

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The Premise

Cryptos are here to stay

Cryptocurrencies are currently the hottest trend in the market and it is clear that they are here to stay. Despite a less-than-ideal timing for their launch, Wardiere was committed to their long-term vision and bullish on the future of cryptos as the standard for P2P payments.

The Solution

You can always be quicker, cheaper, safer

With many fully-fledged solutions out there, the angle was to present a future where crypto payments are the norm, not the exception. Those who don’t adopt them risk becoming obsolete… fast.

With this future in mind, new challenges emerge–can you solve them better than anyone else? When services become commoditized, your best bet can be to operate more quickly, safely, and cheaply than anyone else.

The Future

Explosive Growth

Get on board or be left behind. Wardiere’s hosted wallet showed quick growth globally, not unlike other players in the space, so differentiating the client became critical. A professional-looking deck, imbued with sober colors and professional imagery gave the project a layer of credibility during turbulent times.