AI-powered productivity tools are the buzz of conversation right now among marketing teams. Not only are they fun to test, but AI holds the potential to help teams collaborate, simplify, and speed up certain tasks.

I’ve been testing out a few tools and I absolutely see the potential in some of the more popular AI, like ChatGPT and Midjourney. However, there are a lot of new and less widely known AI productivity tools that have specific benefits to marketing teams. I’ve already started adopting some of these into my business or shared them with friends and clients.

Let’s discuss the best AI-powered tools to improve productivity within marketing teams.

AI Photo Editors

Let’s Enhance >

Let’s Enhance is an AI tool that lets you do more with the images at your disposal. Every creative team should be using Let’s Enhance. Marketing teams can use it to quickly edit and resize images for social media, ads, and print. Web teams can also use it to resize images without risking resolution depreciation.

AI-powered productivity tools

Taskade helps you share tasks and projects and work together like never before with real-time organization.

Workplace Productivity AI

Notion AI >

Out of all the AI tools on this list, Notion is my MVP vote. It’s a workspace software that can house your documents, project management, CRM, and SOP wiki. Think of it as Google Drive, Grammarly, and Trello all in one space.

Notion AI is its newest feature. Team leads can use it to automatically summarize meeting notes into a task list and identify key takeaways. Marketing and copywriting teams can use it to improve writing, translate full copy into multiple languages, and simplify technical jargon.

Taskade >

Taskade is an AI tool with similar features to Notion. It can house documents, notes, calendars, and task lists. I like this tool for its collaboration features. Mind Maps is definitely my favorite feature. You can use it to wireframe notes, ideas, and tasks in real time with others. This is great for wireframing websites and helping content teams connect content in your library.

Unlike comparable AI software, Taskade also has video and chat features similar to Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. By consolidating subscriptions to almost 15 software, your marketing team can reallocate the budget to other creative endeavors.

Finally, all your work in one place. Notion is a connected workspace where you can centralize all your knowledge and data.

AI-powered productivity tools

Content Optimization AI

MarketMuse >

MarketMuse is a great tool for content and SEO teams. It analyzes your website to show where you have authority gaps and opportunities. From there, MarketMuse helps you build a content strategy in minutes that will give you search engine wins. You can also use it to quickly analyze your competition to see where you’re at risk for drops in SERPs

Grammarly >

Grammarly has been around longer than most of the AI tools on this list. Although I prefer Notion, Grammarly is still a great resource for marketers. Its machine learning has years of data behind it to help you improve your writing’s clarity and effectiveness. Perhaps its biggest draw is that it seamlessly integrates with many of our day-to-day software, like Google Docs, Outlook, Slack, and social media platforms. Grammarly just announced its new feature this month, GrammarlyGo AI, which suggests that we may see more AI adoption in the future to compete with its competitors.

Originality.AI >

Originality is an AI tool for content agencies and tech startups. You can use it to quickly analyze all the content moving through your organization to check for plagiarism. This saves your team time if you’re managing an internal content team and contractors, or if you simply have a large knowledge wiki.

Microcopy >

Microcopy is my favorite almost-AI tool for marketing teams. It’s not AI, but it acts like one. Microcopy is an online library of micro UX copy quips. It’s great for attention-grabbing website CTAs, error messages, and headlines. It’s a marketing team’s best friend when you need inspiration. I use it primarily for text placeholders in presentation designs and website mockups. My favorite Microcopy so far has been “Boom Shakalak! Let’s get started”.

10 Best AI Productivity Tools for Marketing Teams in 2023 - MarketMuse

MarketMuse is my secret weapon when it comes to our on-page optimizations, especially since Google took away organic keyword data in analytics.

Educational AI

Talk to Books >

Talk to Books uses an experimental AI to browse passages from books. It’s great for finding quotes to use on websites and on social media. A few of the marketing agency directors I work with use it to find books to gift team members for birthdays and work anniversaries. Talk to Books will scour the web to find books that fit each team member’s individual interests.

AI for Marketing Automation

Ocoya >

Ocoya is a must-have AI tool for marketing automation. It reduces the time social media teams spend creating and scheduling social media content. Ocoya helps you generate captions and content using AI, design graphics, find trending hashtags, and schedule. Plus, you can track real-time performance and make changes to your scheduled posts in one dashboard.

Mails.AI >

Mails.AI is a great AI time-saving tool for marketing and sales teams. Email marketers can use it to craft powerful email campaigns. Its AI automatically analyzes sending patterns and subject lines to increase deliverability and replies. Their website boasts the ability to write and send a multi-step email sequence campaign in 3 minutes or less. Imagine how many hours that can save your team. Sales teams can also take advantage of their AI to generate strong cold email campaigns that get opened.

Ocoya is a social media management tool with AI content automation tool for creating and posting attractive social media content.

AI-powered productivity tools

AI-Powered Data Analysis & Visualization >

Rows is a new favorite AI that is useful to every division within your organization. It’s a data analysis and visualization tool that replaces dull spreadsheets in the workplace. You can use it to share data between teams and can embed charts onto a webpage.

I like it because it helps speed up the projects I work on. Clients can quickly share their data with me so I can pick out the best insights to use in pitch decks and internal meeting templates.

Should More Marketing Teams Adopt AI Productivity Tools?

Yes. Marketing teams have always battled board rooms to prove they bring ROI. There was an old (not funny) saying within teams that a marketing team is always the first to go in budget cuts. That phrase is probably why we’re all so scared of being replaced.

If you can get past that fear, AI has a lot of potential for improving productivity, production, and the power behind your marketing team. It finally gives us a way to quantify ROI and increase the spread of our effectiveness.

I’m interested in adopting more AI-productivity tools in the future. I’ll never turn down a way to help me collaborate better with brands during the presentation design process. Feel free to send me your favorite tools or contact me if you’re interested in trying any of these tools during our next project together.

AI-powered productivity tools

In a nutshell, Rows is an AI-powered spreadsheet with team collaboration and integration with your other SaaS tools.


I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own, but this article may contain affiliate links. Contact me for questions.