Rejuvenating a Utah-based Cell Therapy medical clinic’s website.

Docere Clinics is a stem cell therapy center whose cutting-edge procedures provide relief to patients suffering from joint and spine pain. Founded by Dr. Harry Adelson, their team has helped over 7,000 patients take back their lives.


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The Problem

Dated design and workflows

Despite being a state-of-the-art facility, Docere’s website was outdated and lacked automation. Their staff and patients struggled to work with PDF technology, rather than having a safe way to instantly transmit information back and forth using website forms. After our initial call together, it was clear the clinic had two goals in mind. First, they needed a website that accurately represented their clinic. Secondly, they needed a web design partner who would manage the redesign quickly, without taking Dr. Adelson’s or the staff’s attention away from the practice.

Medical Clinic Web Design

Stem cell therapy is a lucrative field of study. Dr. Adelson and his team are some of the most experienced physicians in the world. Their facility is a beautiful, modern building in Utah where patients can get treatment and relaxation. Yet their website design was older and filled with stock images that didn’t depict the types of procedures the team did at Docere Clinics.

Dr. Adelson knew that patients needed an easier website to navigate. One where users could find the therapies they need and reach out without friction.

Increasing Search Engine Visibility

Patients come from all over the world to be treated at Docere Clinics, but most were by referral by other doctors and friends. The team needed more search engine strategies to be found locally and globally. This would require a look at their copy and the overall structure of their website.

Real Photos, Real People

It’s easy to spot stock photography nowadays. Especially for a cellular therapy clinic, whose procedures don’t often show up on stock photo sites. Docere prides itself on transparency and human compassion. Their patients want to see what treatment and recovery look like. They want hope. It was important to Dr. Adelson and his team to get expert guidance on commissioning custom website photography and videos that show their real doctors, real patients, and real recovery.

Key Results

Automated Workflows

The redesign included built-in automation and intake forms that create a more seamless customer experience.

CRM Integration

By connecting the website to their CRM, Docere Clinic can capture leads and create more targeted marketing campaigns.

Optimized for Speed and SEO

The new website is faster and optimized for search engines, attracting the Clinic’s ideal patient.

The Results

Moving Forward

Life is easier for the staff at Docere Clinic. The new automation and lead collection continue to save staff time and improve their lead generation processes. Dr. Adelson was so happy with my white-glove approach to their project that we continued to work together. I manage all the client’s monthly website maintenance, updates, and any troubleshooting necessary. Some of the continued tasks I do include running monthly backups, monitoring their Google traffic, and providing monthly metrics reports to monitor SEO improvement.

On a personal note, I am thrilled with how the website turned out. From the design to the imagery, we were truly able to capture the personality and professionalism worthy of a renowned cell therapy clinic.

Looking to elevate your current website? I have extensive experience helping companies, like Docere Clinic, create connection-driven designs to attract and convert their ideal patients. Reach out to discuss how I can help you.